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Kynar Update

Published date: 22 Jun 2022

As Injectech navigates the unprecedented shortage of materials, we strive to maintain transparency with our customers and maintain lead times as best as we can.
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Industry Update

Published date: 29 Oct 2021

Injectech prides ourselves on being transparent. However, this has become more difficult as we all navigate this new world and realize how external factors and limited information affect our business models moving forward.
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State of the Medical Plastic Component Industry

Published date: 29 Jun 2021

As a component supplier based in the USA, we have seen an enormous increase in requests regarding a shortage of plastic components used in the bioprocess and medical device industries. This can be attributed to the following three factors, discussed at length in this whitepaper.
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The Hybrid Model of Molding

Published date: 19 Nov 2020

Not every new project immediately demands millions of parts, and a new project cannot justify the high costs of building a mold base. Enter the hybrid model.
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