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Due to a Force Majeure on Nylon, large quantities of nylon components may not be available. Please contact us if you have questions or would like more information!



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Quality Fittings Centered on Patient Safety

Injectech proudly manufactures male and female luers, luer plugs and couplers, check valves, tube to tube connectors, threaded fittings, spikes and caps. 

When quality counts, you can trust the reliable plastic fittings Injectech manufactures, assembles, packages, and ships to you. 

Injectech production is certified to meet ISO 13485 requirements and is performed in an ISO Class 8 (Class 100,000) clean room environment. We welcome both prototype and production runs. 

What You Need to Know About ISO 80369-7

Some manufacturers have stated their fittings are compliant to the ISO 80369-7 standard but have not provided proof.

We are proud to provide male/female luer locks and male/female bond-in luers that are certified to the ISO 80369-7 standard for intravascular applications.

Click Here for More Information on How Our Fittings are Truly ISO 80369-7 Compliant

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