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Plastic Fittings You Can Trust for Your Medical Device

Injectech proudly supplies fluid control components such as male luer locksfemale luer lockscheck valves, and tube to tube connectors to medical device OEM’s, biomedical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, veterinary suppliers, and industrial businesses worldwide. Our services not only include the manufacture of high quality plastic fittings, we also provide custom design and assembly.
The differentiating factor Injectech offers is an absolute commitment to our customers. Our flexibility and attention to our customer’s success allows us to assist with projects of all sizes. We maintain an ISO 13485 certified quality management system and all products are molded, assembled, and packaged within an ISO Class 8 cleanroom.


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Cleanroom Facility 

Our plastic components are manufactured, inspected, assembled, and bagged in our Class 8 cleanroom. This same facility is where we design and ship our custom fittings. You can always trust where your components are coming from.


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Our samples provide manufacturers with components for their project specifications, design and testing processes. We work to support the design and production process of a variety of markets within the medical device and within bioprocess industries.
Our custom services go beyond the manufacture of custom molded components. We provide complete project management services from design to delivery. Our assembly services include, solvent and adhesive bonding, cleanroom assembly, component sourcing, ultrasonic welding and rapid tube assembly.

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Injectech, LLC was founded as a custom molder and assembly enterprise. Since then we have become a trusted partner for medical device OEMs, biomedical/pharmaceutical manufacturers, veterinary suppliers, and industrial businesses worldwide.
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