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There is More Than One Path Forward: Finding Flexibility in Your Component Supplier

Published date: 15 Jan 2020

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When selecting a plastic component supplier, there are a number of factors that come into consideration because they will have varying impacts on the OEM’s project as well as the potential medical device itself. These factors can range from piece price and lead time to manufacturing location, tooling requirements and validation cost. However, there is none more important factor to consider than flexibility in the chosen supplier.

Through the initial discussions and subsequent negotiation process, component suppliers may present rigid agreements surrounding costs, tooling and manufacturing that must be agreed to. Their processes may allow for little to no negotiation or further conversations. It will simply be black or white. But, what about the potential gray area? Medical device projects will have differing requirements, minimums and timelines. That gray area is where flexibility in a component supplier becomes so important.

By prioritizing flexibility, a manufacturer illustrates an understanding that changes occur and new needs arise in the life cycle of a medical device project so they will be prepared to find new solutions to keep the project on track. At Injectech, being flexible is a focal point of our mission as a company. We understand that in order to provide continuous improvements to our customer service and project management, we must adapt to the twists and turns in the life cycle of an OEM project. This is how we have built trusted relationships. Returning and new customers recognize our ability to move through a project with their best interest in mind, not ours.

The ability to provide flexibility comes directly from our extensive experience in the medical industry. With over 20 years serving medical device OEM’s we have cultivated a strong understanding of the questions that will arise, the obstacles to overcome, and the changes that potentially need to be made. Our engineers, sales team and production staff are prepared to answer those questions, tackle those obstacles and face the changes with options, not just one single path forward.

When the time comes to consider a new component supplier, as it does in the medical industry, and look outside the capabilities of your current vendor, keep the ability to be flexible at the top of the list of requirements for your next potential company. Without this, you may find yourself and your project going in a direction you weren’t prepared for or in agreement with. Flexibility allows for collaboration instead of intimidation. 


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